Do you remember the “Yellow Rose Arena and Restaurant” located on Interstate 45 near the Leon and Madison County lines? The restaurant was demolished several years ago and the rodeo arena was disassembled and removed. The arena structure found a new home at the Leon County Expo site; between Centerville and Buffalo on State Highway 75.

The 32,000 square feet structure was reconstructed and expanded by 8,000 square feet. The 40,000 square feet facility will be used as a practice and warm-up arena in support of the Leon County Expo building. The arena will also be utilized as a multipurpose facility by local Ag Science departments and 4 H Clubs.

Mark Thacker developed a master plan for the 100 acre site several years ago, designed the 87,500 square feet Expo, as well as, the relocation and expansion of the practice arena. The site has hosted a number of well known performers and special events.