October has came and went. During October we wanted to post some historic projects, a few paranormal experiences, as well as, throw in several funnies, all in the “Spirit of Halloween”. We did save a collection for next October. Our post of October 31 has reached over 1,200 people and our main Facebook page has been liked by 307 people. We appreciate your comments and encouragement and if you missed any posts you can view them on our website www.markathacker.com.  They are also on our main Facebook page, Mark A. Thacker, AIA.

Now back to what we do… A lot of our work is preservation or designing a new building. A current project entails both; designing a new building based on a specific historic style. It can be a challenge using modern materials and construction techniques to create a 150 year old new building. We are designing a greek revival style house of the 1840-1870 period and can’t wait to see it completed!

Mark A. Thacker, AIA ~ Preservation & Commercial Architecture has been in operation for nine months now, we are having a blast, and look forward to 2016. If you haven’t done so, please visit our Facebook page and be included in the over 300 likes.