This project owned and operated by the St. Paul Children’s Foundation, Inc. provides food and clothing support free of charge to underprivileged community members in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood.

 The project consisted of a 6,100 SF new facility & includes:

  • A Central Room which is used as the clothes closet displaying clothing items that patrons can select.
  • A Food Pantry to include dry food & cold food storage area under control of the facility staff.
  • Offices for the Community Coordinator, Administrative Assistant & Executive Director as well as providing a police officer community office.
  • 1 Multi-purpose room serving as a conference, workroom and training facility.
  • Storage & restrooms.

The exterior was designed with a front entry covered porch & an enclosed loading area for deliveries by small vehicles.

The facility was designed to blend with the neighborhood and other community support facilities operated by the St. Paul Children’s Foundation.