The owners of this bank branch saw the need to renovate the existing facility in order to provide better service to their clients and employees.  Mark Thacker was selected to execute the task. 

As part of the project scope, the renovation began with site work, were a new landscaping design was created, the existing asphalt was repaired, and handicap accessible parking spaces were created.

The branch is located on the outskirts of the downtown Mineola area.  The urban design in the downtown district has been planned in such manner that the composing elements of design throughout are carefully coordinated.   One of the distinct elements of design is the decorative exterior light poles that illuminate the zone.  Although not required for this site, due to its location, the light pole manufacturer was contacted and hired to provide the same product installed in the downtown area.  This measure was taken in order to support the efforts of the City, as well as, conserve and continue the uniformity of the area characteristics.

The interior of the building was aesthetically enhanced as part of the project efforts. The areas remodeled included the breakroom, bathrooms, and teller stations.  The teller stations, as well as the bathrooms, have been re-designed to insure that handicap accessibility is provided. In the teller area, custom cabinetwork was provided in order to adjust to, and salvage the existing marble counter tops. Throughout the entire project careful attention was paid to ensure that Texas Accessibility Standards were met and provided for in all areas, beyond the minimum demands.  Acoustical ceiling and lighting design also formed part of the services rendered.