Mark Thacker worked with the Leon County committee to prepare a 10-year Master Plan.  Components of the Master Plan included the County Clerk, Tax Office, Election Administrator, Emergency Management, District Attorney and shell space for future finish-out.  The Master Plan considered a single, two and three-story building on approximately 9,000 SF of property the County owned across from the Courthouse square.

The plan documented current space utilization, number of  personnel, public use, storage, technology and security. The committee discussed anticipated short -term growth of personnel and the current storage of archived material. The resulting Master Plan projected needed future space and established  potential costs. The plan was endorsed by the committee and then presented to the County Judge and Commissioners.

The Commissioners Court later approved Mark to proceed with design of a new three-story facility. The committee continued to be involved in the design and construction phases. The opinion of probable construction cost was projected at $3,000,000 without an alternate for finish-out of the DA’s suite. The low bid was $2,980,000 including the alternate.